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You’ll love how our Blackbeard’s Wine Club works…

Whether you want to explore the joys of big Californian red wines, a beautifully elegant Pinot Noir, a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or just to try something new our Wine Club gives you access to a regular supply of exceptional wines from all around the world — with no effort required on your part.

Every month, our experts will reserve specially selected wines to indulge the wine adventurer in your life, with expert tasting notes and serving advice to help you get the most from each bottle.


All you need to do is decide whether you want to have Silver Club Membership and receive a carefully selected case of fantastic everyday wines or have Gold Club Membership and receive a selection of our highly acclaimed premium wines. Silver and Gold are available in either Wanderer Case (which includes 3 different bottles of wine) or Voyager Case (which includes 6 bottles, 2 of each of the Wanderer Case bottles of wine) each month. The Silver Club Membership case will have an average bottle price of $33, and the Gold Club Membership case will have an average bottle price of $50.

It’s that easy!!

Free delivery.

Cancel anytime.

No membership fees.

Change wine preference anytime (perhaps 3 to 6 bottles).

Expert Tasting Notes – the perfect cheat sheet to impress your friends!


Giving as a gift? You'll be the favorite gifter of the year with our unique membership package for your nearest and dearest!

How it works

Membership Tiers

Silver Club Membership

Our Silver Club Membership is perfect for wine lovers looking to expand their horizons and increase their knowledge — with outstanding wines priced for everyday enjoyment.


Wanderer Case (3 bottles):  CI$100 per month

Voyager Case (6 bottles):  CI$175 per month


Gold Club Membership

With our Gold Club Membership, you will always have a collection of impressive wines on hand — each selected by our experts, from top quality producers from around the world.


Wanderer Case (3 bottles):  CI$150 per month

Voyager Case (6 bottles):  CI$250 per month

Blackbeard’s Wine Club includes:

On sign up

•A4 ring binder

•Blackbeard’s corkscrew


•First set of tasting notes





•Tasting notes (hole punched)


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